Facilities List

CNC Horizontal Milling

  • 3x KIWA KH-45 Horizontal Machining Center
  • 3x KIWA KNH-400 Horizontal Machining Center
  • 1x KIWA KNH-400 Horizontal Machining Center
    (6 Pallet System)

CNC Vertical Milling

  • 1x Brother R650X1 compact machining center w/ Pallet Changer
  • 8x Haas Super Speed VF2 Vertical Machining Center
  • 1x Haas Super Speed VF3 Vertical Machining Center
  • 2x Kira PC-30EA Vertical Machining Center
  • 1x Kira VTC-30A Vertical Machining Center
  • 1x Kira DT32CD Vertical Machining Center
  • 1x Ares-Seiki Vertical Machining Center

CNC Swiss and Turning

  • 2x Tsugami SS327-5AX CNC 9 Axis Precision Swiss
  • 2x Tsugami B0206-III CNC 8 Axis Precision Swiss
  • 1x Tsugami B0205-III CNC 7 Axis Precision Swiss
  • 1x Miyano BNA-42GTY CNC 10 Axis Twin Spindle Super Turning Center
  • 6x Ganesh 32-CS 7 Axis twin spindle Swiss
  • 3x Doosan Lynx 220 Turning Center W/Bar Feeder
  • 2x Doosan Lynx 220LM-Live Tool Turning Center W/Bar Feeder
  • 1x Doosan Lynx 220LM-Live Tool Turning Center
  • 3x Eguro Nuclet – 10L Super Precision Gang-Tool Turning

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • 1x Bridgeport Series 1 Standard Mill, Power Feed
    Digital Readouts
  • 1x Kalamazoo Automatic Cut Off Saw
  • 1x Despatch Annealing Oven, 18 Cubic Foot, Cycle Programmable,
  • Partlow MRC 5000 Chart Recorder. (For the annealing and
    thermal processing of plastics and metals)
  • 1x Trinco 24×36 Dry Blast Cabinet

Miscellaneous support equipment including: drill presses, belt sanders, buffers, manual / hydraulic / pneumatic presses, miscellaneous assembly equipment, multiple vibratory deburring machines, miscellaneous deburring equipment, and a host of support machine tooling, vises, and fixtures.


  • 1x Keyence IM-8030 Image Dimension Instant Measurement System
  • 2x Mitutoyo Crysta Apex C 544 CNC Driven CoordinateMeasuring Machine, MCOSMOS and Geopak Software
  • 1x Mitutoyo B-706 Coordinate Measuring Machine,MCOSMOS and Geopak Software
  • 1x Starrett HB400 Optical Measuring Comparator,Quadra-Chek 2000 Advanced Readout
  • 1x Starrett HB350 Optical Measuring Comparator,Quadra-Chek 2000 Advanced Readout
  • 1x Zygo Model 1201B Laser Micrometer .010” to 2.0”
  • 1x 12” + 10” Starrett Height Gage
  • 1x 12” Fowler Height Gage
  • 1x 12” Mitutoyo Height Gage
  • 1x Mitutoyo SJ-411 Surface Finish Analyzer
  • 1x Sheffield Pneumatic Bore Gage
  • 1x Fowler XT Holematic Bore Gage
  • 1x Manual Microscope
  • 1x Digital Microscope
  • 1x Universal Punch Concentricity Gage
  • 4x 81 piece Gage Block Sets
  • 1x 36” x 36” Inspection Grade Granite Surface Plate
  • 3x 18” x 24” Inspection Grade Granite Surface Plates
  • 1x 39” x 43” Shop Grade Granite Surface Plate
  • 2x Plug Gage Sets (.061 to .750 x .001)
    Multiple Class X Precision Gage Pin Library (x.0001)

Miscellaneous support equipment including: thread gages, plug gages, bore gages, angle plates, sine bars, v-blocks, vises, indicators, standard and pressure micrometers, custom inspection fixtures, and other support equipment.


  • Mastercam X CAM Software
  • Delcam PartMaker SwissCAM
  • EZ CAM Software, Milling and Turning


  • Minitab Statistical System – SPC Collection Software
  • Caltech Calibration Tracking System
  • Discus Desktop Quality Engineering Software with Auto Ballooning


  • E2 ERP System Software

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